Joyful Noise Music Studio 411 Park Avenue, River Forest, IL, 60305


Class Descriptions

Fall 2023
Class Schedule: 
 Dates: 13-week session - Tuesday, Sep. 5th- Saturday, Dec. 16th.  
              No classes Oct 17th-21st, or Nov 21st-25th. 

RegistrationIs open! Click on "Registration" to sign-up. Scholarships are available upon request. 

Locations: Our classes during the week will take place at home-base: 411 Park Ave in River Forest.
We're pleased to announce that our popular Saturday classes are moving a beautiful new location!
Friendly Music Community Room

6729 Roosevelt Road, Berwyn

Class Descriptions:
BabiesThe baby level is best suited for newborns up through immobile toddlers who are not yet able to play instruments independently. We'll dance, sing, explore a plethora of instruments, and get to know other young parents in the area! 
       Class time: ~40 minutes
       Series: Musikgarten - Babies 1
       Materials: Drawstring bag with shaker, rhythm sticks, and scarf. 
                           Babies 1 packet with parent book and CD 
                           Price: $45  
      Total price: $20 per class x 13 classes + $45 materials + $4.50 sales tax= $309.50

Toddlers: Our grownup + child toddler class is intended for children who are mobile and able to play simple instruments independently. We'll keep up the singing, dancing, extensive instrumental use. We'll lay a loving foundation for music for your child through the association of these blessed moments with you. 

      Class time: ~40 minutes.
      Series: Musikgarten - Sing With Me 
      Materials: Four rhythm sticks, Sing With Me CD + songbook 
                         Price: $37
 Total price: $20 per class x 13 classes + $37 materials + $3.70 sales tax= $300.70

Cycles of Seasons is also a grownup + child class, suitable for 3-5 YO's (especially 3 YO's) who are starting to use their imagination and have a bit of a longer attention span for storytelling and auditory identification games. Music and nature appreciation are explored through singing, dancing, and more sophisticated instrumental use. 

      Class time: ~40 minutes. 
      Series: Musikgarten - Wind Dancers
      Materials: Fabric packet including two song books, two CDs, 12 animal cards. 
                   Price: $45 
Total price: $20 per class x 13 classes + $45 materials + $4.50 sales tax = $309.50

Music Makers at Home: Deep exploration of nature, appropriate for 4-5 YO's, a drop-off class. For many children, this will be their first drop-off experience which can come with a whole spectrum of emotions, but it can also be a fantastic growing opportunity for children who are ready for it. I will have a wonderful assistant join us in our class. We'll learn more about specific kinds of instruments, create ensemble performances, and put on a little show for you at the end of each week. 

      Class time: One hour. 45 minutes of drop-off, last 15 minutes for grownup + child time. 
      Series: Musikgarten - Music Makers at Home
      Materials: Music Makers at Home and Woodlands
     Price: $53
Total price: $25 per class x 13 classes + $53 materials + $5.30 sales tax = $383.30

Babies 1 (Newborn through early toddler)

Toddlers Sing with Me (Mobile and capable of independent instrumental use)

Cycles of Seasons (3-5 YOs)

Music Makers at Home (4-5 YOs drop off)